About Carol Olerud Photography

Carol has been taking photographs since she was 12 years old!

Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1962 from Dutch parents, she lived there until she was 23 and then moved to The Netherlands.

20 years ago, she joined her first photo club in The Netherlands where she got to learn more about taking photos. Following courses, having Mentors give tips and assignments, she soon developed her own style.

Her main interests are in taking photos of people and anything related to people. The genre Documentary.

People at home in their own surroundings, family members, various themes, ‘The Day in the Life of….’ and Street photography are just some of the things her camera gets pointed at.

Carol is an active member of various photo clubs, where they meet and talk about photography:

Fotowerkgroep De Verbeelding
Meets up every 2 weeks, has yearly exhibitions and enters local and national photo competitions

A member of Fotogein for 20 years
Where Carol was a committee member and an active member and where this journey all began

A member of LeveL5
Level5 is a small group of 5 friends who want to go more in-depth with their own particular genre of photography, organizing the odd exhibition

Coordinator of Visie+ a photographers Collective
A group of advanced amateur photographers from the region Utrecht ‘t Gooi meet up 5 to 6 times a year to discuss and develop each person’s style

Coordinator of the ‘Landelijke groep Fotojournalistiek’ since 2018.
Carol has been an active member of this group within the Dutch Fotobond since 2004. Taking part in group trips to various places like Lille, Charleroi, Liege, Berlin, Brussels and the East coast of Belgium and meeting up together four times a year to discuss and show photos

Member of the Royal Photographic Society, RPS
Carol has joined the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) in 2017 and really enjoys meeting the group of ‘expats’ and fellow Dutch people where speaking English is the norm. The Benelux Chapter recently did the project of Rocking’ Rotterdam, where a book and an exposition was held

Carol is extremely active and is part of a Master to Master Storytelling group led by Rosa Verhoeve, since 2016. As new challenges always get you further in your personal development with photography

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February 2018